Sunday, October 22, 2017

Toy Carnival and Bot Fest 2017 at National Design Centre

Nice event, though it still feels like a flea market, not that I am complaining ... and I only saw 2 cosplayers ( Kamen Rider Kuuga and MMPR Blue), which was much much lesser than what I saw a few years ago when held at SAM... Also did not attend the 3rd party TF panels, as that is not my main purpose of going there... Anyway, saw a young fashion/graphic(??) designer promoting her works with pride and passion, think she is from InkInk Collectibles, and that sort of makes me think whether I am still passionate of my job or not... hmmm... I think I still am, at least till this year, hahahaha... Let the pictures do the talking!!!

And a short clip of the event space...

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