Sunday, October 8, 2017

October Purchase (3) - DX Build Driver, DX Hawk Gatlinger, DX Hyper Muteki Gashat

Went over to Fujiya and bought the DX Build Driver at $90, for my little nephew's Christmas (I think) present... Seems now Taobao sellers are jacking up the prices of these DX drivers and stuff, and not really economical to buy from now... sigh... Did not buy the bottle holder as I felt it is not really worth it as it comes only with a Full Bottle but costs $30 (just a few dollars less than the DX weapons)... 

Also bought a DX Hawk Gatlinger for $38... Don't think will be giving this to my little nephew though, likely I will be displaying it in my room with the rest of the stuff... Did not get the DX 4-Frame something something sword as it is basically only a static toy sword that says out some Japanese words, not really worth the money... At least this gun can swipe and rotate the bullets / magazine part.. Just personal opinion... 

And cannot resist this DX Hyper Muteki Gashat at $35, think it will be a very nice display piece... shiny gold... hahahaha... The boss of the shop eventually gave me a $3 discount, thanks thanks!!!

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