Saturday, August 15, 2015

Update - Capsule Showa Legend Rider ( Ichigo ) Lock Seed and August Purchase (4) - Z-Rex Blaster (KO???)

Transplanted the old Candy Toy KR Ichigo Lock Seed's LED-added-circuit into the Showa Legend Rider's. However, the extra switch I add in to activate sound when opening the lock seed was not aligned properly, so when I reopen the lock seed to adjust, Murphy's Law kicks in... so after many hours of repair, it was finally done...

And here's the video of it:

Also collected my Z-Rex Blaster (China version) this evening... Costs about $31.80... very expensive, and suspect it may be a 2nd-hand set as the plastic tray is taped below the toy to repair a crack.. wtf... Many of the screws are rusty and had to be replaced for aesthetics sake... I suspect this is a KO version as the sounds are very very different from what I seen (heard) in Youtube clips... Luckily, at least it doesn't sound weird... WIll give to my littlw nephew next time...

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