Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Previously... May's Purchase - Legend Rider Series - Kamen Rider New Ichigo Henshin Belt

Legend Rider Series - Kamen Rider New Ichigo Henshin Belt
Just 1 word "AWESOME"!!!! This is not the DX version, but the newer (and "lousier") Legend Rider Series (LRS) version of the Kamen Rider New Ichigo's Henshin Belt... It does not have a motor to spin the center piece, using simple mechanism to turn instead. The electronic sounds of transformation is good, though you might need to spin the center piece a few times to see the light patterns clearly. The centre piece is actually missing the "fan blades", which I am going to add in myself. The side "plates" are unpainted (red plastic used), not silver. Not sure if I should paint them silver, for I fear the rubbery plastic might not be compatible with the paint... The side "plates" also seemed too big, compared to the belt strap... anyway, I need to get a red belt to slide in the main belt piece and wear it on my 35/36-inch tummy... Wow, seems that I talk too many negatives... So why did I say this belt is awesome? Simply because IT IS THE ANTIQUE DESIGN OF THE FIRST KAMEN RIDER BELT!!! Hahahaha.... That alone is good enough for me... "Henshin!" "Rider-Kick!"... Hahaha...Cost about $50.20...

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