Friday, December 15, 2017

December Purchase (2) - DX Houou Blade And Houou Shield ( Uchu Sentai Kyuranger ), (2nd Buy) PlaMonster Blue Unicorn ( Kamen Rider Wizard )

Went back to " X'mas Toy Galore " at Kallang Leisure Park again and bought more stuff... has spent over $270 already, hahahaha... think is to compensate for the less frequent warehouse sale these 2 years... hahahaha... anyway, gotten mostly repeated stuff as presents for my little nephew and niece. For my little niece, I got her a Figuarts bear thing (SGD30), and a Triple Change Henshin Belt Vol 2 (SGD20), as she previously mentioned she does not have a proper Kamen Rider belt... hahahaha... now the 3 of us can henshin together into KR Kabuto(s)... "お母ちゃんが言っていた..." ... hahahaha... Gotten my little nephew a DX Ryu Tsueider (SGD30) as he likes dragon related stuff after being hooked onto 'Dragon Ball Super', and also a DX Houou Blade and Houou Shield (SGD38) (which I also gotten 1 for myself too) ... Now got to find places for my displays!!!!

Also bought this PlaMonster Blue Unicorn (SGD3) again as the previous one will be given to my little niece as she likes unicorn stuff...

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