Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DX Gaburicalibur - Blade Modification

Originally the intention is to just use the green hollow blade ONLY, but this has to be scrapped as the blade holder is way too small for holding the soft and very flexible green blade (after making it thinner)... So decided to make a blade core from a thicker ABS sheet, and the green blade to wrap over the core...

The white ABS blade core is cut smaller to have a outer rim effect, when placed inside the green blade cover...

The top of the whole blade is then sealed with hot glue and later trimmed. This will make the green blade cover to be glued to the blade core...

Here's the assembled new blade... and the length is really much better when compared to the original super short blade...

Now the DX Gaburicalibur looks so much better and more proportioned... Only in caliber mode, that is...

... and a showcase of my 3 recent blade modifications... nice... DX Engine Blade looks shorter than the other 2, but it is because of the short handle and small body to begin with...

... together with DX Gaburivolver... and yes, I spray painted most of the grey plastics to a "Bandai-silver"-like silver...

And here's the combined mode, the DX Gaburicannon.... Yeap, the lengthened blade looks very out of place... but hey, you can't get the best of both worlds... well maybe, if the balde is retractable... but then the blade contour design will be compromised... anyway...

A quick video clip of the newly modded DX Gaburicalibur...


  1. Do you make these for other people I'll buy it I need a blade like this email me at

    1. No sorry, I make these only as a hobby interest, not intending to make for sale.

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    3. What's the name of the green sword maybe I could try and do it myself. Is there any thing you could tell me that would help me. I would really love to just pay you but I'll try it out.

    4. The green sword has no name, as it is a typical cheap plastic toy sword in a simple flimsy plastic bag, which can sometimes be found in cheap toys' shop / flea market / etc in my country or at Taiwan, China. Not sure if these or similar types can be bought in your country or through eBay, you have to search. Alternatively, if you do have spare plastic sheets (I am using ABS now, ordered from China, as I find it more flexible and not break easily when bend, compared to sheet polystyrene... ), you can make the rims to layer over the blade core on both sides (I did this for my DX Engine Blade's new blade). Have fun and all the best! =)

    5. You are amazing ok I found the cheap sword on eBay now all I have to do is figure out how to cut and modify it! Thanks for helping me I'll try and get some abs too but can you tell me one thing how do I cut the blade and would it fit in the kyoryuger sword or do I have to sand it down?

    6. Oh yea how many inches should the abs sheet be?

    7. I need to know how many inches the abs sheet needs to be!

    8. Use the original blade (after you take it out) as a sort of a template to "trace" out your needed shape at the holding part, and you could decide how long your new extension blade be. For cutting thicker ABS (I think I use 2mm thick for the core blade), I recommend a good pen knife for scribing the profile deep and breaking, and thinner ones.. You should know right... I believe I also mentioned in an earlier post, it's best one starts to get physically start off the modding process and tackle any obstacles one by one. Of coz it is good to pre-anticipate some major issues, but unless you start hands-on, it is difficult as different situations require different ways to overcome. And often things may not work out for first time, but don't give up, persevere on and slowly solve the problem. Have fun and wish you success!

    9. Thank you so much! I'll let you know how it turned out!