Monday, August 20, 2012

Minor Mod - KR Hibiki DX Meitou Onsaken: Replacement Blade

Bought a cheap ninja sword and cut off the blade to replace the 2nd most ridiculously short blade of KR DX weapons (The no. 1 spot belongs to KR Decade's DX Ride Booker's blade...)... Damn screws... seriously, the screws are so worn off that there was 1 impossible to remove... and it has to be the one nearest to the blade... broke and repaired the blade supporter piece, hope it will last and remain..

Now looks better. Visual estimation from the front picture of box indicates this new blade is almost 1:1 scale... I say almost as I felt the blade should have been longer... Anyway, much much much better... next time then ask my little nephew if he would also want to extend the blade... Should I silver-chrome-sticker the blade?? Hmmmm....

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