Monday, November 13, 2017

Re-bottling Custom Mod - Kamen Rider Build : Gashapon Shobosha ( Fire Engine ) Fullbottle 消防車フルボトル

I bought a cheap (?) gashapon Harinezumi ( Hedgehog ) fullbottle which had a wrong cap, and intent to give it to my little nephew, when I realised I had actually bought the DX Drill Crusher and it comes with a DX Harinezumi ( Hedgehog ) fullbottle. So I decided to modified it to be a Shobosha ( Fire Engine ) fullbottle which will be a pair of "Best Match".

I used a thick ABS sheet (cannot remember how many mm) to cut out a thin strip and then cut to the required shape and size to super-glue on as tabs, and un-needed tabs are cut off using a pair of small wire-cutters. Red marker is used to colour on the inside of the full bottle to give it a transparent red effect. Finally made a sticker to paste onto the cap. Decided not to colour the cap as the metallic effect looks very nice.

Identical pair of "Best Match" fullbottles, hahahaha...

Short video clip for demo:

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