Monday, November 14, 2016

Restoration - KO Spark Lens ( Ultraman Tiga ) , Bootleg DX Reflasher ( Ultraman Dyna ), ( China Version ) DX Esplender ( Ultraman Gaia )

Finally restored the 3 Ultraman Brothers' transformation devices...

KO Spark Lens ( Ultraman Tiga )
This KO is modeled heavily after the Bandai-Auldey version, which is the China version for the DX Spark Lens. Some minor differences include the design below the transparent LED window (is similar to the Japanese DX version) and speaker holes are now located opposite to the activation button, and of course, the battery (type). It has the most work to be done too. The original red flame paint is removed using melamine sponge and painted with gold paint pen... The latching mechanism has to be fixed too. The battery is also modded to hold 3 button cells instead of 2 (though it is still not enough to power up yellowish-green LEDs as brightly as I hoped to have). And of course a new sound-recording circuit (with a LED light up when playback) is added with the China version (Bandai-Auldey) of the Spark Lens...

Bootleg DX Reflasher ( Ultraman Dyna )
This bootleg comes with the catch mechanism not working, and has to be fixed in order to latch the flipped-out light part. Not sure which this version is based off, but probably the Poppy version. Differences from the normal DX version are the catch mechanism is at the side instead of the tip of the flipped-out light part, and screws on the flipped-out light part are located on the LED side instead of on the brown side. Also have to make a power on-off switch in order not to waste battery life. The sound and light circuit is actually from my China version of the DX Esplender, which I also restore its sound to original one...

( China Version ) DX Esplender ( Ultraman Gaia )
This DX Esplender is the China version, which has the sound of DX Reflasher with extra "Swaaatch" sound at the end. Bought this many years ago for my little nephew. Later, he inherited a Japanese version DX Esplender from his cousin, and after restoring that worn out Esplender, my little nephew kept it and return this to me. Quite an easy restoration with new (correct) sounds replaced using a sound-recording PCB. I thought 3 LEDs will look good but maybe 5 LEDs may look best... maybe next time then fix another 2 more LEDs... too lazy now.....


  1. May i know how you modded the sound for Ultraman tiga spark lens?

    1. I bought some sound-recording circuit boards and record the sound from Youtube clips. These are quite small, but also not easy to fit into the toy because of the tight space.

  2. May I know where did you buy this from

  3. Hello, may I know where did you bought the bootleg version with all near DX size?

    Is it at taobao?

    If yes, may I have the keyword to search for each of those bootleg?

    Dyna and Gaia only left

    1. Taobao. Gaia is 蓝宝锥 , Dyna is 闪光剑 . Hope this helps.