Sunday, October 16, 2016

October Purchase (2) - KO Spark Lens

After finding the (Chinese-version) Esplender, the Ultraman Gaia transformation device, buried deep somewhere, I decided to collect all of the 3 Ultraman Tiga, Gaia and Dyna transformation devices... A search in Taobao shows no sign of the old Audley Spark Lens, only those neon colour top KOs, and some odd sized ones... Finally found 1 that has a no-colour transparent top parts... Length of this KO is 20cm, so quite a good size, think is the same as the Audley version... Costs approximately SGD4.30, cheap cheap... because the plastic quality, for the handle part, seem to be similar to the PVC (i.e. shampoo plastic) type, but a bit more rigid...

I can't identify which version this KO is based on, as it seem to have a lot of elements from the different versions I can find on the internet, KO or legit... Will have to do a lot of restoring, e.g. changing the sound circuit, removing the red flame paint, painting the gold strips, etc..

p.s. ... and the stupid 5-Element Shuriken is broken beyond repair, even after fixing with new switches (deliberately bought from Taobao) and alternative switch... Wasted 5 hours of my time.. sigh...

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