Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost Boost Form EVA Foam Helmet

And finally completed the 2nd birthday present for my little nephew today... the Kamen Rider Ghost - Boost Form EVA Foam Helmet... Though after taking these pictures, I used a red marker to colour the magnets on the red side to camouflage in better, and also applied another coat of PVA glue (as finishing) and silver paint to the silver parts... not much significant difference from the pictures so did not re-take any new pictures... However, I may have enlarged the Ore helmet template earlier and hence found this Boost helmet seeming to be slightly smaller compared to the Ore helmet... Luckily it can still fit onto my little nephew's head (yeap, he's quite plumb, just like me... hahahaha... )

Opening of the helmet is almost identical to the Ore helmet except for the positions and quantity of magnets placed / used...

Testing it on my head.... Hot air gun really helps to mold the pieces to shape the curve-profiled parts much better than the earlier Ore helmet... Horn seemed to be a bit small, but think will do...

Both helmets... Now feeling the passion for making EVA costume/helmet decreasing rapidly... wonder if I can still persist and complete (or start making ???) my Batman Mech Armour Suit EVA costume and helmet.... Hahahaha...


  1. Replies
    1. You can search for it in, seller sells them together with the EVA foam.

    2. They dont have the file anymore..

    3. I just did a search and found this "" but not sure if they still have in stock . Hope this helps.