Friday, October 12, 2012

October Purchase (1) - DX Denebick Buster, DX Gatack Zecter

Haul from eBay arrived yesterday night!

DX Denebick Buster
Cost around $38.25, this is the Korean version of the DX Denebick Buster, so will hear Deneb speak in Korean instead of Japanese! HAhaha.... Don't think my little nephew will understand any of these 2 languages though... hahaha... This will complete his KR Zeronous DX role-play items...

DX Gatack Zecter
Finally decided to buy a good real DX Gatack Zecter after the failed attempts to mod the KO version into a good one... Don't care if it is a Korean stag-beetle or not... Cost about $137.6... Very fun, espcially the "m~i~i~i~stake"... and "Rider Kick!!!!!" haahahaha....

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