Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Purchase (3b) - Gashapon "Real Change" KR Kiva Set - Hell's Gate, Kiva Belt

This was the other Gashapon toys bought together with the Gashapon Goseiger Real Change Set, but did not take pictures then as my little nephew and niece were quick to spot them and play... These are the extras pieces that weren't taken by them... There were also 2 wrist armours, but both have since been taken away by my little nephew, hahaha.. Both are inflatable toys.

The Hell's Gate has 1 velcro-attached strap to attach to the leg, and another to tie the wings closed. The cute Kiva belt has inflatable wings, and Kivat can be detached (sliding) from the buckle itself... Total of 2 Kiva Belts, 2 wrist amours and 2 Hell's Gates cost approx. $10.90...

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