Friday, June 14, 2013

June Purchase (2) - Ultra Brothers Henshin Items Set Vol 1

Collected the package from Singpost today, as they left a note to inform delivery was unsuccessful the day before yesterday... anyway, that matters most is the package reached my hands safely... Bought this set of Ultra Brothers Henshin Items Set Vol 1 from a shop in eBay stationed in Japan, for approx. $65.50... A bit costly, but considering the even more exorbitant prices by other eBay sellers and by other Taobao sellers, I think this is cheap. This looks very much like the candy toy versions of the various Ultramen henshin items. I am actually only interested in the Ultraman's Beta Capsule, as it can make the henshin music sound! Will find a way to put in some LED for lighting... The rest should also fit into my display collection...

Inside the box (top-left, clockwise): Ultra Badge (UM Taro), Ultra Brace (UM Mebius), Ultra Rings (UM Ace), Beta Capsule (Ultraman), *Ultra Bracelet (UM Jack), Ultra Eye (Ultraseven)... 

*Ultra Bracelet is not a henshin device, as Ultraman Jack uses Will Power to transform...


  1. Hi, I would like to buy the above Ultraman Set from you. Kindly drop me an email @



  2. Hi Queenie. Sorry, they are not for sale.

  3. Hi is this sold anywhere in sg ? Remeber seeing their knockoffs 10 years ago in toa payoh pasar malam sale ... no sight of them anymore );

  4. Hi. Don't think so. Though I saw another set (think is Ultraman Zero's stuff) selling in Takashimaya 4th floor.