Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Purchase (6) - DX Grip Phone, KO DX Titan Sword, Other Toys for Nephew and Niece, DX Moya Moya Z-Cune

Bought the small Winnie the Pooh Bear soft toy, Barbie Kitchen Set and Princess Accessories Set at Takashimaya today, the rest are from which were delivered in the late evening...

DX Grip Phone
Did considered NOT to buy the DX Grip Phone as I had sort of decided not to buy Sentai morphers after getting the DX Shodophone... but this is too cheap to be missed, and also I had gotten the DX MagiLamp too, so couldn't resist and bought 2: 1 for my little nephew and the other for me... Cost approximately $9.30 SGD each...

KO DX Titan Sword
Its a KO, but it is almost identical to the real one (I think, based on what I've seen on Youtube...). Some similarities include the plastic mould used look the same (though not sure if size is 100% same, but it looks big enough as a DX!), the stickers are gold-reflective and the 'words' are same, blade-shoot-out function is retained with the same activation button, primary colours are still purple and golden-yellowish, extended blade edge has transparent plastics... The differences I thought are: no spinning disc nor (friction) sound, no chrome parts... Plastic quality is slightly above average (not the very brittle plastics type)In short, it is an excellent piece of KO!!!!! Cost approximately $8.85 (This is after the Taobao agent repack this toy and discard the big KO Ultraman toy that comes with it...)

Transformable Pokeball-Pokemon Soft Toy
Hee, so cute... actually I bought 2 of these and also 2 more (Raichu and a pink monster I forgotten the name) so that my little nephew and niece will have 2 Pokemons to battle with, hahaha...

Barbie Kitchen Breakfast Role-Play Set
Initially wanted to buy the 2 storey Barbie doll house at the toy fair at Takashimaya B2... but only 1 torn and tattered set left... Saw this at Level 4 and decided to buy it... Cost $49.90... Damn, now then thought if Toys R Us has, then I could have bought it with vouchers... sigh...

Disney Princess Accessories Set
For my little niece to dress up as a little princess, hahaha.... Hope she will like it... Cost $29.90....

Mini Winnie the Pooh Bear Soft Toy
Cost $3.90 per piece, and $10 for 3 pieces...

DX Moya Moya Z-Cune
Really no idea why I bought this... Must be the crazy low price (170 RMB plus 8 RMB domestic shipping)... But with the big box, the shipping fee (to Singapore) adds up a huge sum... Cost approximately $52.70... Nevermind, now need to find a proper place in the display cabinet to showcase this... A bit worried as when I tried to convert to the gun mode, the 2 body halves does not fit together but leaves a small gap... May need to read the instructions...


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  2. hi there.
    im from malaysia.
    how do you buy stuffs from ?
    im searching for complete ryuki and decade fake cards that can be used in dx.
    i hope you can teach me how.

  3. Hi, I bought my stuff from through a taobao agent 65daigou. They have a Malaysia website too: "". Not sure how the Malaysia 65daigou performs though, as I am in Singapore. Try searching "假面骑士卡" in; this should bring up some items. Do be careful as there are some items that are actually stickers, not cards. Hope this helps! =)

  4. Thanks for the reply and for the advice :)

  5. No prob, all the best in your search! =)