Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Purchase (3) - TMNT Michelangelo Ninja Combat Gear, Hello Kitty Toy Houses

TMNT Michelangelo Ninja Combat Gear
Bought this at TRU Paragon, costs $23.95... So tempted to get the other few, as this is one of my childhood cartoons that I quite liked when I was young... Oh, why did I post a TMNT stuff here on this blog? Well, the reasons are: (1) It is a Kamen Rider... or sort of... err... ah! Kamen Kame (somehow translates as: Masked Turtle)!!!!

The face mask (or bandana) is well.... quite cartoon accurate... nice.... The orange parts of the nanchaku (or nunchuck) are made of how, soft, flexible plastic... but still quite painful when hit by a swing, and only 1 part is able to swivel, so got to take note which is the swivel-able part... The 2 throwing "stars", well... don't look like stars... but for safety reason it has to be...

Hello Kitty - Funny Friendz House
Also gotten this for my little niece... at $26.90...

Hello Kitty - Victorian Doll House
... and this for my little niece too... at $34.90...

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