Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec Purchase (3) - DX Rouse Absorber (and some Gashapon Kabuto toys)

Packages from eBay arrived today!... However, was disappointed to find out the Gashapon Kabuto toys have no sound... my fault, I did not ask the seller prior to buying... luckily, the DX Rouse Absorber gave me some relief...

Gotten this Korean version at approx. $31.70... Did not mind the Korean versions of the Kamen Rider stuff until the KR W line,where they "gey kiang" and try to use their own pronunciations/sounds... Oh, maybe the Denebick Buster too, but the effect is not too strong, since the words are too muffled and long to understand...

I might try to print out the Evolution King card and use the included KR Garren plate to mod into the Evolution King plate... Many work... (Just to vent my frustrations: Messed up the V3 belt mod!!!!!! Now got to see if can use motor to make the fans rotate... sigh...)

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