Friday, December 14, 2012

Dec Purchase (2) - Legend Rider Series Belts ( KR Ichigo, KR Kuuga, KR Faiz ) & DX Kabuto Zecter

Haul from Taiwan arrived! Impulsive but cheap buys!!! The DX Kabuto Zecter also arrived!!!!

LRS Kamen Rider Ichigo Belt
Gotten this for 1 and 1 reason only - to kitbash it into a Kamen Rider V3 Belt!!!!! Since it cost so cheap at approx. $32, decided to buy it for the kitbash, when I was deceived by the Taobao seller that he has an LRS KR V34 belt, when apparently he did not have... anyway, hope to be successful, as the internal space to put in the V3 belt parts seemed to be blocked by a lot of obstructions... Good luck to me!!!!

LRS Kamen Rider Kuuga Belt
Again, couldn't resist buying a NT499 KR belt!!! Thought my little nephew might also like this if I manage to convince him that the DX version is out of production... and he did LOVE this, hahaha... This is actually a very nice belt with good details molded on the belt buckle, very nice... Cost approx. $32.65, slightly more as it came from a different seller and slightly bigger volumetric weight when shipped...

LRS Kamen Rider Faiz Belt
"Standing by..." ... Again an impulse buy... yes, it is also NT499... So I told my little nephew if I can't mod this Faiz phone to have a gun-mode, then he shall have to make do with it... Think he has no choice but to accept... Anyway, also told him he can use the new Trigger Magnum his Ah-Peh bought him recently as KR Faiz's gun... Cost is approx $32...

DX Kabuto Zecter
This little fella just arrive a few moments ago!!!! Finally managed to received the DX Kabuto Zacter in 1 that is in MISB condition, after sending back the 2nd-hand one that the seller sent me earlier... Anyway, this is expensive, cost $376.80... Must make sure my little nephew takes extremely good care of it.. hahaha...

Hope my other hauls arrive soon!!!!

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