Friday, April 12, 2013

Apr Purchase (2) - Gashapon Astroswitches and Gashapon Memories

Bought a bag of Gashapon toys today again... this time at the John Little Expo Sales... A little disappointed as I could not find the No. 10 Elek AstroSwitch, which my little nephew has lost earlier, but luckily manage to find some Gaia Memories (and 1 Battle Fever White Ranger Key which I forget to take pictures of), so sort of make up for it... Altogether 17 capsules for $10, think quite worth... (not in pic: (another) Xtreme Memory, (another) KR OOO Memory, Battle Fever White Ranger Key, No. 20 Fire Switch as a standby-in-case-lost)

The AstroSwitches...

The Gaia Memories (that comes with a mini KR Decade Card each)... Some are quite stiff, need to mod to be used by the DX Double Driver / Lost Driver...

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