Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apr Purchase (1) - KO DX Ultraman Zero Ultra Eye

Collected my KO DX Ultraman Zero Ultra Eye from Taobao agent just now, together with some other electronics components for modding my Kamen Rider and etc... This is really a good KO, colours are almost close to the original one... Plastic quality is of course the lousier version, but still good enough for "my" collection of Ultraman Henshin devices... There are a few versions in China: Japanese Bandai one, the local China Bandai one (which has the colour of top LED wrong), the bootleg of the local China Bandai that comes in a box (reduce to 1 sound only with ridiculous words and effects), this KO carded version of the previous bootlegged, and also some weird-coloured KOs... Cost about SGD 5.60...

The back of the instructions... never believe their words totally... Hahahahahaha

So now waiting for my Bootleg Gokai Saber and Bootleg Gokai Gun to reach S'pore shore...Yesss....

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