Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Previously... May's Purchase (II) - Kamen Rider DX Decade Henshin Belt, DX Den-Gasher

Kamen Rider DX Decade Henshin Belt
My parcel from eBay arrived!!! Yes! The Kamen Rider DX Decade Henshin Belt that I gotten at USD45.50, free shipping... so much affordable compared to the lowest I seen at about SGD80! Hahaha... Anyway, quite ok, noting that it is the Korean version... I tried to make some Final Attack Ride cards (Decade and Kiva), as my nephew loves to hear the "De-de-de-de-cade", "Ki-ki-ki-ki-va" etc... so downloaded some picture templates for he cards and printed out... Works! But the card is a bit flimsy, despite using double-sided tape to paste 2 pieces of 80gsm paper... Need to find good paper/cards to print...

DX Den-Gasher
Den-Gasher, in its axe form... Gave to my little nephew today before he visit doctor today.. Then afternoon he vomited on it, so my mum spray water over the toy to clean it... Electronics was disrupted and sound became weird... and I spend some time trying to fix it.. Finally ok now... phew... Cost $10 only...

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