Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minor Mod - Kamen Rider Faiz (555) Belt

I added straps with snap-in buckle fitting (recycle from an old waist-pouch) to fit the belt to my fat belly. Took some time to sew the straps securely, ensuring the plastic belts are not damaged. In the end, achieved the quick snap-in function, as well as adjustable length feature (in case I get slimmer/fatter in future, hahahahaha...)...

Picture below shows the female-connector of the snap-in buckle. The grey strap is looped over the small "belt-tidier" piece and strap sewn closed.

Picture below shows the male-connector of the snap-in buckle. The grey strap is looped through the 3rd hole of the belt and strap sewn closed. I even sewn the straps together at the 1st hole position to prevent belt from moving off position too much.

Sigh... my DX KR Faiz belt strap cracked and tore... due to my carelessness when trying to keep it inside the gearbox/briefcase... And after many attempts, manage to glue it back, though it looks very ugly now... Don't know why but it just seem to hate going back to its original place when gluing, so now the crack lines are VERY visible... sigh... anyway, have ordered some silver belts and such in, so will mod the belts again when they arrive... Yeap, also gotten some for my nephew's mini KR OOO belt and micro KR Fourze belt...

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