Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Minor Mod - DX Kamen Rider Saga (Sagarc) - Jacorder

The DX Kamen Rider Saga (Sagarc) Belt comes with a Wake-Up Fuestle and a weapon called Jacorder. Unfortunately, the belt does not have anywhere to hold these 2 items, nor a container for storing. To make it worse, the Jacorder has a super-duper short blade that makes it ridiculous and hilarious. So I decided to mod the blade for a more show accurate version, at least in the length...

The original red "blade" is removed from the holder-piece (black) and a common extendable antenna is used instead. I have to use a small plastic pipe to join the antenna head to the holder-piece (black) with some trimming.  A screw is then screwed onto the other end of the plastic pipe as a blocker to block the blade from sliding out of the holder-piece (BLACK)... However, the plastic pipe broke at the weakness lines (yes, I should NOT have used a screw to secure the plastic pipe to the antenna head)... Finally I had to super-glued the together, reinforce using the tissue+super-glue method, and now it is finally ok.. but need to note not to pull it out completely if possible, in case break again... Touch wood...

Now it looks better.... I don't think I will colour the blade red as the sliding action might scratch off any paint/stain put over it...


  1. Can you make a tutorial video on how to do this please?

  2. Sorry, don't think possible to do one now, as there are a few trial and error that I did earlier, and also am quite busy working on other mods which I have quite a lot on hand and behind schedule. Anyway no worries, this is not a difficult mod, and once it is disassemble, you will realize that the part that needs to be change is quite simple. But then it also depends on what you use to replace the "blade" and other materials that you can find. Happy modding! =)