Friday, June 6, 2014

Update: Restoration (Sounds) - KO Survi-Buster => New Sound and Light

In my previous post on Restoration (Sounds) - KO Survi-Buster, I keep feeling that the "dinosaurish" gun-firing sound does not suit the KO Survi-Buster. Hence, I decide to use 1 of the January-bought Crystal Gunbers (a gun-change-sword weapon from a Chinese anime 《星系保卫战》, a.k.a. 《晶能战记》 (translated as "Crystal Warrior") to use as the sword-gun sounds and light.

Below shows a Crystal Gunber (from my first buy)...

Since the circuit transplant is almost similar to the previous (and boring), I decide to skip the documentation of the process and here is the end result:

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