Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Purchase (2) - Bootleg Crytal Saber, DX Gaburevolver, DX Gaburicaliber, Peppa & George Pig (Stuff Toy)

Haul from came yesterday... A bit disappointed over 65daigou (the local Taobao agent) service seems to dip recently... Anyway, the haul...

Bootleg Crytal Saber
Impulse buy, very very very regret... the blade is crumbling as it is made of rubbery materials, and the plastic used to make the other parts are quite flimsy... Furthermore, the trigger button for sound is simplified to a small little stud... The saving grace will be the tip of handle retains a pressing feature (to activate sound for the original version, but not sure what will come out of this piece as I had not tried it), and also the small animals that can be placed inside the "crystal" ball... Cost about $15.30... Sigh...

DX Gaburevolver and DX Gaburicalibur
For my little nephew....Hahahahaha.... Also regretted... not to have bought another combined set (which i bought earlier at a super good price) earlier... But not too bad...except the boxes are opened... I think likely is the seller cuts off the sticky tape to check for completion of contents before shipping... hopefully... Cost about $150.30 altogether... "Mucha!!!"

Peppa & George Pig (Stuff Toy)
For my little niece, hahaha... Cost about $27.90 for these 2 pieces...

Still has the tags attached... but Peppa's got a little tear at the buttock...Had to sew it back (not sure if it is I torn or is the QC is like that...)

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