Friday, January 24, 2014

January Purchase (4) - Nitro Blaster (Power Rangers RPM)

Finally it arrived!!!! Bought off eBay in November last year, and the first time when seller shipped out the item, it was either lost or returned to the eBay seller... And it seemed the seller missed out the eBay message I sent, until the 2nd time I sent him another query... Good thing is the seller is quite nice to send by registered fast post at the 2nd time, and thus I finally received this in 2014 (I repeat, I bought it in Nov 2013)... Nice... Will attempt to repaint the gun barrel parts to silver and the extendable blades to use silver stickers to "wrap" them up... Should I also make a long finger-trigger to resemble that of the gas-pump handle's? Should I also repaint to follow to a closer Mantan Gun colour scheme? Hmmm... Tried out after de-tombing... Does not seem to have any special attack sounds... Anyway, quite fun... Cost about $52.05...

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