Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Purchase (3) - DX Morphin Blaster, DX Bat Shot Memory Gadget, DX Spider Shock Memory Gadget, DX Trigger Magnum, LINE Character White Rabbit, Freebies

Haul from Japanese Collectibles Fair at Takashimaya today (see previous post for a brief video tour of the fair... The prices are not really low, so still waiting for the next Craziest sales and also the Sheng Tai toys sales... Prices are shown on the pictures themselves... The fair should end on 25th March...

DX Morphin Blaster
Have been waiting to get this... Only left 2 pieces on the shelf, and I pick up 1... Later went down to pick up the other (and last) one, to give as a present for my little nephew... Price is still a bit too high though...

DX Bat Shot Memory Gadget
These few pieces of KR W's gadgets, in general, are in slightly to moderate lousy conditions... some has clear tape over the original ones, so not sure if they have been tampered before... The toys themselves seemed un-opened before, judging by the plastic folds and creases are still crisp... But BEWARE: the gaia memories are NOT Japanese version....

DX Spider Shock Memory Gadget
"Spider!!!!"... wait, not "Spid-a-r"??? Oh well, they are Korean gaia memories... Don't believe me? Check out the 3rd picture below....

DX Trigger Magnum
Bought this NOT at the fair bbut on the 4th level toy area... Yes, its low price is what drives my impulse to buy... And then to realised the side clear tape was already broken... Sigh... Anyway, the toy itself seemed to be un-opened... Yes, I am that weird and hygiene freak... hahahaha....

LINE Character White Rabbit
Also gotten this cute little rabbit for my little niece... There is a slightly smaller one, but it has a long body, and so not as cute as this one (with a shorter body)....

Freebies: One Piece AR Carddass
Maybe I will download the app to play this....


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  2. Hi. Would you be interested in my set of MISB condition Kamen Rider W DX W Driver and DX Metal Shaft? I got them only on Sunday. But decided to sell them away together for $35.

    I guarantee both items have never been opened by me. I am also something of a hygene and clean freak myself too.

    They will compliment your DX Bat Shot, DX Spider Shock and DX Trigger Magnum you have perfectly.

    Please contact me at with your contact number. Thanks.

  3. Hi. Sorry, not intending to get a W driver at the moment, and already had a Metal Shaft. Thanks for the offer!

    1. Ok. Do let me know if you decide to sell your Trigger Magnum set you bought. I am looking for one to complete my W driver and Metal Shaft accessory.

    2. Best of luck in your search for the DX Trigger Magnum, hope you can secure 1 soon! =)