Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mar Purchase (2) - Switch Morphin (Red) Samurai Ranger, Gashapon Astro Switch - Kiva & Cosmic, Candy Toy Ultra Seven Set, Gashapon Gaia Memories HK Vol 1

Power Ranger Samurai - Switch Morphin (Red) Ranger
Bought in OG PP, since it costs only SGD $7, instead of its usual price of $29.95... Cheap... and if I am not wrong, this is actually an old gimmick in Power Rangers figurine toys...

Gashapon Astro Switch - Kiva, Cosmic Switch
Then went over to CSC and bought some more stuff, all from 1 same shop... The Kiva switch is still ok, but the Cosmic Switch did not have the big head attachment that says the cosmic state henshin words, so it just makes the Fourze Driver produce some simple sounds... luckily it has light... hmmm... maybe I will wait for my sound-recorder IC chip to come and see if can make a big head attachment for it... Oh, Kiva one cost $6, and Cosmic Switch is $10...

Candy Toy Ultra Seven Set - #1 Ultra Seven, #2 Ultra Eye & Monster Capsules, #3 Videosceiver, #4 Ultragun, #5 Eye Slugger & Zero Twin Sword
My 2nd time buying this set actually, the first being bought them for my little nephew, who virtually has "destroyed" (lost somewhere in his home, hahaha...) them... So is this set for him? Nope! Its for me!!! Hahaha... Wanted the Ultra Seven figurine to display alongside the rough-face Ultraman, and also keeping the transformation devices from my little nephew to display later, since he is not into Ultraman now... This set cost $30, after a $2 discount by the shop boss...

Gashapon Gaia (Sound) Memories HK Vol 1 - Double, Kuuga, Eternal, (T2) Joker
Yesssss!!!!!!!!! Now I can have the T2 Joker memory!!!! ...what, you say no light?... Nevermind, my 3mm purple LED is on its way from China (actually not yet confirmed order, hahaha...)... No pre-henshin music nor Maximum driver sound? Nah, I don't really care, although I may try to see if can fit a sound-IC chip inside it, to have some extra sound... In fact, have ordered LEDs to put inside... Hope the processes go smoothly... This set also cost $30, after the $2 discount by the shop boss...

WTH!!!!! WTH!!!!! The buttons are so stiff when the 2 parts are joined together, it is impossible for my Lost Driver to activate the sound... Tried to keep pushing the buttons, hopefully can loosen the rubber spring piece inside, but failed ... Damn, even after I tried to apply a layer of glue to "heighten" the black tab in the driver's main buckle (this is the piece that pushes the transparent plastic mechanism to in turn push the Gaiga Memory's button to make the sounds), it still doesn't work... I gave up and decide to wait for my small mini touch switches (to arrive from China) so as to install them directly below the button in the Gaia Memory... sigh... more work...


  1. Where did you get the ultraseven set?
    I'm interested to get it

  2. Where did you get the ultraseven set?
    I'm interested to get it

    1. I got the set long time ago at China Square Central, 2nd level shop but does not know what the shop name is.