Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan Purchase (1) - Gashapon GoggleRed Ranger Key, Gashapon KR Kuuga Gaia Memory

At $5 each... GoggleRed unlocks 2 simple sounds (GoggleV henshin sound when insert the key, and some blah blah blah when punched the enter button)... The Kuuga gaia memory is cute, I initially thought it is just simple sounds with each press of the button. But then when I tried with my little nephew's Double/W Driver, it says the name "Kuuga" followed by a henshin sound! And since it is a golden-tipped memory, I tried Cyclone memory and this Kuuga memory together, the sound actually works like when 2 DX gaia memories are inserted! Great... Think my little nephew will like them...

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